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**Drama Free Baby Making**

For those trying to conceive *stress & drama free*
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lax_ttc is here to be a very laid back community! It's for those of us who for various reasons, do not need to be protected from sensitive topics (miscarriage, positive pregnancy tests, conceiving in a short period of time, lesbians ttc, trying after #1, the list is endless).

We are here for your trying to conceive journey. Not everyone's TTC journey is the same. Some couples may conceive easily and with some couples, it may take time and patience! In reality we are all trying to reach the same goal- to conceive! **Baby dust to all** Let the 2ww begin!!

Whether you stay here is long or short... we hope you enjoy the company and the stay!!! :)

Now onto the RULES...

The Rules

There are 3 simple rules here:

1) Stay on-topic (no debating, not bashing, etc).
2) Use common courtesy.
3) Please, please - NO DRAMA. The reason this community exists is to avoid most of the drama that goes on elsewhere. However, this is NOT a snark community for other TTC related groups.

Cuts are never necessary - but appreciated for lengthier posts.

Please no advertisements for other communities or websites unless approved by a moderator.

To join - Please see the community's only public post.

Your lax_ttc moderator is shreddedhearts

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Members Who Have Had Babies:

lovebill, Rachel (and Billy), TTC 7 months, EDD: 3/20/06 - IT'S A BOY - John Christopher was born on March 14th, 2006

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